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Some resources you might find useful for the writing on and the use of graphic organizers, mind mapping and concept mapping below.


Graphic Organizers

Featured Resources:

JCU Mind Mapping
How To Mind Map
Concept and Mind Mapping For Learning
Concept Maps - Concept Mapping
Some Alternative Types of Concept Mapping
Venn Diagram Maker - Concept Mapping
Concept Mapping Web Generator
Write Design - Examples of GOs and Concept Maps
TeacherVision - GOs in PDF Format
Graphic Organizers - Many types of GOs and Concept Maps are presented as teacher directions.
How to Effectively Organize a Paper using a Graphic Organizer - A seven step approach.
Organization Patterns - A basic guide for the 5 paragraph essay
General Procedures for Writing an Assigned Essay - A strategy that might be useful.
Printable Graphic Organizers
Index - Check out the - double click on the html files.
Mind Mapping Software Reviews

General Information

Graphic Organizers in Elementary Schools - bibliography - ERIC Clearinghouse
Graphic Organizers in Secondary Schools - bibliography - ERIC Clearinghouse.
Jan W.A. Lanzing Concept Mapping Homepage.- examples, basic references and excellent bibliography.

More Examples

Chain of Events / Clustering /Compare / Contrast / Family Tree / Fishbone / Spider Map - SCORE (Language Arts) CyberGuide Project. Good example of a Fishbone Diagram.
KWHL Chart - Debbie Blaskowski - North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.
Spider Map, Continuum Scale, Human Interaction Outline, Fishbone - North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.
Using Concept Mapping in a Sensation Perception Course - Tom Vilberg.

On-Line Articles

Concept Mapping: Soft Science or Hard Art? - William M.K. Trochim - Journal Article.
The Reliability of Concept Mapping - William M.K. Trochim - Journal Article.
Embedded Interactive Concept Maps in Web Documents - Rob Kremer and Brian R. Gaines - Presentation paper on concept maps as an enhancement to web navigation, a new live annotation form, and as a group interaction tool.
Concept Maps as Hypermedia Components - Brian R. Gaines and Mildred L. G. Shaw - Journal article that proposes concept maps be regarded as basic components of any hypermedia system.
JAVA Concept Maps for the Learning Web - Roberto A. Flores-M?dez -- Knowledge Science Institute -- University of Calgary
Collaboration through Concept Maps - Brian R. Gaines & Mildred L. G. Shaw
Access to Learning Web Materials - Complete listing of the works of Brian R. Gaines with links.
SuperKids Educational Software Review on Inspriation Software, 1997.

Articles by Joseph Novak
The concept mapping technique was developed by Dr. Joseph D. Novak, Cornell University, in the 1960s. His work was based on the theories of David Ausubel and the importance of prior knowledge as the key to learning new new concepts.

Novak, J. (1991). Clarify with concept maps: A tool for students and teachers alike. The Science Teacher, 58(7), 45-49. Novak, J. D. (1990). Concept mapping: A usefull tool for science education. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 27(10), 937-949. Novak, J. D. (1993). How do we learn our lesson? : Taking students through the process. The Science Teacher, 60(3), 50-55. Novak, J. D. (1993). Meaningful learning: The essential factor for conceptual change in limited or inappropriate propositional hierarchies (LIPHs) leading to empowerment of learners. Paper presented at the Third international Seminar on Misconceptions and Educational Strategies in Science and Mathematics, NY.

Concept Mapping

Links on GO Index Page Concept Mapping - Click Here

Brainstorming Strategies

Brainstorming- Saskatchewan Education Curriculum and Instruction Branch.
Steps in the Brainstorming Procedure- John Suler.
Brainstorming Guidelines - Jane M. Fritz.
Mind Tools - Brainstorming - Minds Tools.
More links on Brainstorming GO Index Page - Click Here

Mind Mapping

The Mind Mapping Resource Center
Buzan Centres
Mind Maps and Note Taking
Peter Russell - How To Mind Map

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