The Project Approach

Students need strategies..
  • that engage and challenge them to use and apply the skills they have learned in meaningful, real life contexts with understanding.
  • to research questions, investigate and solve problems inside and outside the classroom.

The Project Approach is a powerful instructional strategy designed to meet these needs.

The Project Approach provides a framework for teaching an in-depth study of a topic or theme that parallels real world problem solving inside and outside the classroom. A project can be short-term or can enliven any classroom or school for months. Teachers guide student's learning by means of a flexible three phase planning framework.

During Phase 1 prior information and experiences are accessed. Children acquire a shared understanding and questions for investigation are developed and crafted.

Phase 2 involves field investigation and gathering information from a variety of primary and secondary resources while exploring, observing, predicting, experimenting and inventing.

In Phase 3 the information gathered is reviewed, synthesized and shared and project work is evaluated.

The Project Approach creates opportunities to use teaming skills, can increase the quality of student work and develops higher order thinking skills. This approach has significant advantages for integrating the curriculum, collaborative learning and continuous and mixed-age organizational plans.

At the workshops you will learn how to...

  • implement The Project Approach in your classroom, select a topic or critical question and plan a short-term and long-term project, adapt the framework and structure of The Project Approach to fit strategies you are currently using, and
  • effectively involve families and the community.

Workshop participants are involved in a 'hands-on' learning experiences--wear comfortable clothes.

Our team of trainers are practicing master teachers. They know what will and will not work with younger and older children. Through classroom experiences, workshops, publications and courses they have guided teachers to be highly successful using Project Approach strategies.

They are outstanding trainers and excellent workshop and conference presenters, widely recognized for their enthusiastic and hands-on presentations, rapport with teachers and practical ideas.

Workshop Design
Workshops are custom designed from 1-3 days. They are intensive 'hands-on' experiences with optional follow-up support. College credits and state clock hours are available upon request.