Venn Diagram Expanded

Description: Three items linked by characteristics or attributes.

Uses: Describe and compare and attributes and characteristics of items (things, people, places, events, ideas, etc.)

Critical Questions:

  • What items do you want to compare? What characteristics do the items have in common (intersecting portions)?
  • How are the items similar and different (nonintersecting portion) based on the characteristics?

Graphic Organizers

Suggestions: Use when comparing three items. Can be used with younger and older children. When using more than two items consider using a Comparison Matrix. See Venn Diagram Basic and Double Cell Diagram for comparing two items.

venn diagram

4 set Venn construction - Venn Diagrams

4 set Venn construction

5 set Venn construction - Venn Diagrams

5 set Venn construction

6 set Venn construction - Venn Diagrams

6 set Venn construction